Excerpt from Bernadine Jennings in Attitude, June, 1998
This is my first time to actually see a concert of Andrew Jannetti, though I
remember in early years him coming to rehearse at Vital Arts in 1982 after
some rehearsals we had with Eleo . From then to now, he was always referred
to as a mighty fine teacher. With now seeing his work I can also vouch that he is a tenacious designer of movement and, the spatial environment they require. Jannetti knows just how to develop movement from motifs and simple phrases, into dances with clear beginnings, middles and closure. This is no small feat in these times of rambling, over-wroth busy work.

Excerpts from Jennie Schulman in Back Stage, Dec 6-12, 1996
About the concert...
"Andrew Jannetti & Dancers recently offered a family matinee at St. Mark's
Church, in the East Village. ... what was so remarkable was that the
program--comprised of Jannetti's Moonwater, Puddle Bumps, Fallen Angel and Nightshades (a premiere)--had adults and children enthralled. You couldn't
hear a squeak or peep out of the tiniest tot."

“For you who believe that you can’t begin early enough to introduce youngsters to the world of contemporary dance: Here was the ideal introduction to the scope and imagery of that form. “

About Moonwater...
"...a work of consummate lyricism, ...four attractive dancers...seemed to show
the varied phases of the moon as its light reflects on calm waters."

About Puddle Bumps...
"Puddle Bumps was an endlessly amusing comic piece. The
Crosio-Jannetti-Naslund trio had a great time, as did those of all ages in the

About Fallen Angel...
"Here was the ideal introduction to the scope and imagery of [contemporary
dance]. Alternating between freedom and returning back to the robe's
constriction, [Naslund] finally breaks loose--running off with a glowing
expression that indicates she will make her own way unencumbered by
heavenly or earthly bonds."

About Nightshades...
"Nightshades has an impressive score by Marty Beller...also powerful vocals by David Driver. The choreography tended to relationships and rituals for our

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