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A 20th Anniversary Tribute
to Loyalty and Affection
Andrew Jannetti & Dancers
The Duke on 42nd Street

Andrew Jannetti celebrated his company's 20th anniversary with an ambitious two-program engagement at the Duke. Each program began with a new piece called "Much Ado," set to music by Marty Beller, which introduced dancers who have performed with Mr. Jannetti over the years. He clearly inspires loyalty and affection, and his approach to making dances is one of a lifelong devotee. But only one of the eight pieces performed on Friday night had any individual flavor.

That piece was "Dancing With My Father," a new solo for Mr. Jannetti, which was set to music by Mr. Beller. Dressed in a business shirt, pants and tie, Mr. Jannetti distilled love and longing with the simplest of moves and gestures, including a hand that gently cupped the side of his face like a momentary wordless message of affection. This was a dance that only he could have made, it seemed. It was also a dance that touched an aspect of his own life.


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